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Expert Team

Metabolic well-being

At Accord, we pride ourselves on our seasoned and expert team, dedicated to providing unparalleled support for the metabolic and mental well-being of a small group of clients facing mental health challenges. Our approach is immersive, comprehensive, and sustainable, tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Dedicated to your wellbeing

Highest Level of Care

Our expert team is comprised of a renowned psychiatrist specializing in metabolic therapies, a skilled nurse, a dynamic program director, a knowledgeable registered dietitian/nutritionist, proficient metabolic health coaches, a creative chef, and an engaging personal trainer.

Holistic Approach

Lasting Success

Our focus lies in crafting personalized plans centered around enhancing metabolic health through a comprehensive approach that is designed by our CEO and recognized leader in Metabolic Psychiatry, Dr. Matt Bernstein. Led by our dynamic program director, our team is committed to guiding clients towards holistic transformation and lasting well-being.

Sustainable Enhancement of Metabolic and Mental Health

Central to our mission is the enhancement of metabolic health, recognizing its profound impact on mental well-being.

Our focus lies in crafting personalized plans centered around enhancing metabolic health through nutrition, exercise, mind-body practices and circadian rhythm alignment. With a full-time chef at their service, clients not only enjoy expertly prepared meals but also receive hands-on culinary education. Regular consultations with our nutritionist/dietitian ensure that each client’s plan is finely tuned to their unique requirements.

At the start, clients undergo a series of tests including bloodwork, dexa scan, and receive a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), ketone monitor and Whoop band. Complementing their dietary regimen is a personalized fitness plan devised by our dedicated personal trainer, with all progress meticulously tracked through a user-friendly app accessible to both staff and clients.

Additionally, outings to restaurants, sports events, and practical demonstrations on maintaining dietary discipline in everyday scenarios further empower our clients. Woven throughout is a robust educational program, ensuring clients depart with all of the tools needed to sustain progress at home.