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Our Vision

Our vision is to lead a paradigm shift in mental health treatment.

Accord is helping to lead a paradigm shift in mental health treatment, creating a more humane, healthy, and effective approach. Individuals with serious psychiatric conditions should never have to choose between their mental health and physical well-being.

Yet our current system, with its reliance on medications as the main biological intervention for mental health conditions, often leads to incomplete recoveries and negative metabolic effects that further impair a person’s ability to live a fully engaged life. Accord works with clients to create a personalized plan for harnessing the power of a healthy metabolism to reclaim the life they deserve.

Together, we can redefine the standard of mental healthcare and empower individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Starting in Arlington, Massachusetts, our first-of-its-kind residential program will launch in Spring 2024.

Creating Healthy Lives

Embark on a transformative journey with Accord, a groundbreaking residential treatment program at the forefront of metabolic psychiatry. Accord harnesses the potential of metabolic therapies to transform the body, mind and spirit.

Metabolic and Mental Wellbeing

Each client’s plan will be individually crafted and supported by a well-coordinated team that includes an experienced psychiatrist with expertise in metabolic therapies, nurse, program director, registered dietitian/nutritionist, metabolic health coaches, chef and personal trainer.

Holistic Approach

The foundation of the program is a well-formulated ketogenic diet. Additional interventions include movement/exercise, intermittent fasting (when appropriate), stress management, sleep quality, creating motivation and social connection.

Sustainable Approach

The profound transformation that occurs in the Accord residential program is the turning point in reclaiming one’s health. Throughout their stay, our pioneering program educates each client on how to maintain these healthy changes in their lives once back home to ensure continued progress.

"I have bipolar one disorder that was triggered postpartum. While I still choose to take bipolar medication, my quality of life has improved 100% ever since I added a well-formulated vegan ketogenic diet."

“I have been using a therapeutic ketogenic diet for serious traditional treatment resistant bipolar type 2 for 16 months. Within 2 weeks I felt 80% better. This gave me the energy and strength to add other lifestyle activities, protecting sleep, reducing stress, reconnecting with close family and friends, getting outdoors and even exercising… There were many unexpected improvements that I noticed each month; back pain, skin health, gut health, headaches, brain fog, memory and more.“

“There is nothing else like the exquisite freedom from the chains of sugar and processed foods once I started eating clean, keto, and metabolically structured. Living keto has changed my mood swings to stability and my low energy to sustainable, with an enormous boost to my concept and confidence of self. ”